We offer new and reconditioned Alternators in the Middlesbrough/Teesside area

Here at Teesside Start Parts we have alternators new or reconditioned for all types of vehicle old or new. We can check to see if your car is running at 100% first by running it through our full diagnostic machine for testing.

After finishing this test we can see everything your motor is telling us from oil running to rich, if the battery low or that it's not charging fully. Our specialist knowledge and first class customer service with high levels of stock always result in speedy repairs. We offer competitive prices on petrol, diesel, manual or automatic systems.

We also offer a FREE electrical check - please call us for more details.

Alternators are used in modern automobiles to charge the battery and to power the electrical system when its engine is running. Automotive alternators requires a voltage regulator which operators by modulating the small field current in order to produce a constant voltage at the battery terminals.

In recent years, alternators regulators are linked to the vehicle's computer system and various factors including air temperature obtained from the intake air temperature sensor, battery temperature sensor and engine load are evaluated in adjusting the voltage supplied by the alternator.